Handling Stress and Conflicts

Handling stress

Facing tight deadlines and pressure to perform, many employees experience stress without seeing a chance to change their work situation or decompress. Not only is this detrimental to the work atmosphere. It can also lead to overworking, burnout or stress-related illnesses.

Our focus

We support your employees with coping methods so they can avoid stress or learn to deal with its burdens better. We achieve this by focusing on the concrete situation and specific issues in your organisation.

Your benefits

Together with your employees, we identify the relevant stress factors and recognisable stress symptoms. We support stress management with strategies, methods and coping skills to help them deal with stress factors in a more nuanced way. We work out practicable measures for people and organisations.

Handling conflicts

Conflicts within companies are not unusual. If conflicts are not resolved, however, they can have a negative impact on employees’ wellbeing. Conflicts influence the working atmosphere and disrupt work processes, thereby jeopardising the company’s effectiveness and creating more costs.

Our focus

We offer support in defining and resolving internal conflicts and consult organisations that would like to handle conflicts in a methodical way. To do this, we focus on the concrete situation and specific issues in your organisation.

Your benefit

We guide you through establishing in-house conflict management with organisational measures for conflict prevention and conflict management systems. Upon request, we also offer mediation, intervention or conflict coaching for conflicts at work.

Together with you, we will craft a process tailored to your situation and needs.


Leaders Solutions is oriented on professional consulting principles. We ensure a defined, formulated contract, agree on goals that can be evaluated and design the consulting process according to proven methodical criteria. We conclude the process by evaluating the coaching process together with our clients.

We work on the basis of solution-oriented compact consultations. We base our selection of methods on your specific questions as well as the goals you want to achieve. These may include:

  • Strengthening self-management and social skills
  • Strengthening leadership skills
  • Reflecting on responsible leadership approaches
  • Deepening organisational understanding
  • Reflecting on the current leadership situation


A structured procedure and the designation of phases supports the coaching process goals.

The coaches at Leaders Solutions are responsible for the process design, asking the right questions and initiating a change in perspective. We help you reflect so as to foster new insights and change.