Potential analysis

Potential analyses aim to determine the potential of employees with regard to their personal, social, team and leadership competencies in order to find out if they match the profile of a certain position or professional function. Through this process, you recognize talented employees and the need to develop specific individuals.

A potential analysis is appropriate for:

  • promoting young talent
  • succession planning
  • further professional development

Goals of a potential analysis

The potential analysis provides you objective information on a person’s potential. This enables you to identify an individual’s potential in relation to a future function or professional development.

Your benefits

Independent evaluations of capabilities and potential enable you to make the right recruitment decisions and guide human resources development measures.

Together with you, we will craft a process tailored to your situation and needs.


We focus on business-related, behaviour-based approaches and exclusively use scientifically proven methods such as structured interviews, presentation exercises, realistic role play simulations, tasks associated with the position (e.g. management tasks) and validated personality tests.

The methods and instruments are combined in a way that accurately reflects relevant and/or critical work situations / incidents and the required coping strategies and competences of the candidate while allowing them to be observed and evaluated by the respective assessors.

The competencies to be observed are defined in advance from the following categories: social competence, personal competence, leadership competence and methodological competence.

Personality tests or psychometric tests are psychological testing methods that enable an objective view of a person’s personality. Leaders Solutions only uses tests whose foundational models have been scientifically examined and validated.

With quality standards always being our top priority, we guarantee a responsible interpretation of test results.


Our process is structured and organised into the following phases:

The process is characterised by a realistic context and a personal atmosphere. This is met by a high degree of acceptance among people at all levels.

To ensure the significance of our psycho-diagnostic assessments, our assessor teams are composed of trained and experienced psychologists and leaders with in depth business experience.

Depending on the content and scope, the assessment or potential analysis can last a half day or whole day. We are flexible and quick in our implementation. We can conduct certain modules virtually in an online format.