«Ms Anna Katharina Laederach has an impressive personality. She grasps the skills of her clients quickly and accurately in stimulating interviews. In a pleasant but direct manner, she effortlessly expanded my horizons, pointing me towards new, promising management positions, but also to lucrative self-employment options. She has an excellent network which was indispensable to me in obtaining my new top position.»

Head of Security of a large international association

«We contracted Mrs. Laederach to take charge of the professional HR integration and restructuring of a newly acquired company. She tackled this task very dynamically, determinedly and fairly. She very quickly earned the respect and confidence of everyone involved. Moreover, she was not intimidated, even in difficult situations, but instead remained cool and focused. What we particularly value in Mrs. Laederach is her ability to think out of the box. We strongly recommend her and wish her continued success in the future.»

An exchange-listed, internationally active Swiss company

«Mrs. Laederach contacted and addressed me discreetly and respectfully, gearing the content of our discussions to me. I felt that Mrs. Laederach had carefully prepared for the meeting and that she was very interested in me. She rapidly established what interests and motivates me, and then guided me to the profile and requirements of the company with the vacancy. Discrepancies were immediately clarified. Throughout the recruitment process I felt that I was treated in a very pleasant, straightforward and focused manner, and above all honestly and fairly.»

Executive of an international advisory holding company with important operations in Switzerland, Germany, the United States and China

«The extraordinary combination of professionalism, efficiency and empathy displayed by Mrs. Anna Katharina Laederach and her team helped us considerably in our search for a suitable CEO.»

Chairman of the Board of a large Swiss company

«Anna Katharina Laederach has a strong character, and, in particular in difficult situations, she is able to deal with people sensitively and approach issues clearly and decisively. This makes her a valuable interim manager, to whom we happily and trustingly issue mandates, even in difficult situations. We call on her services time and again for work at our clients.»