Our services

Executive Recruitment

It requires particular attention and a thorough understanding of the strategic impact of the recruitment. Therefore, we work with a well-established and proven methodology that is designed to deliver optimal results within a given time frame. We partner with our clients, communicate with transparency and candor, and assure regular reporting/feedback. In a sustainable business relationship with our clients, we are committed to exceed always our clients’ expectations, and consequently our efforts are continued far beyond the successful conclusion of the recruitment. We look at past performance of candidates, explore their development potential and also assess their cultural and personal fit with the client organization. Thus, we significantly minimize the risk of failure of executives in their future leadership role. A thorough reference check, including the verification of the candidate’s education, completes the candidate assessment.

Board and Governance Services

Combining our market knowledge, access to high caliber executives and our people assessment competencies, we provide advice and support for the development of tailored and individual board solutions. Given the specific nature of each board mandate, we work with dedicated international teams in order to offer the best and most appropriate solutions.

We advise our clients when

  • creating new supervisory or advisory boards
  • establishing specific board committees (audit committee, remuneration committee, risk committee, …)
  • evaluating the board’s effectiveness
  • restructuring and reorganizing the board of directors
  • reviewing and assessing the performance of the board and specific committees
  • appointing new and international board members
  • implementing diversity at board level
  • appointing independent directors
  • building a strategic advisory board
  • implementing new corporate governance structures
  • defining and implementing remuneration policies

Board Recruitment

In close cooperation with the chairman of the board and the nomination committee, we define the key performance indicators that are required for a specific board position. We establish a personality profile that matches not only the technical competencies and the sector experience needed, but also the leadership characteristics and cultural aspects of the position. We then establish a recruitment strategy and a time frame for the recruitment.

Board and Executive Remuneration

Reviewing and adapting the remuneration policy has become a strategic priority for many corporations. The most challenging task is the appropriate remuneration policy for board members and executives, and this is also the area where you cannot afford any mistakes.

We advise our clients in their efforts to establish new remuneration policies that are in line with new legal and regulatory obligations. We conduct compensation benchmark surveys, establish peer reviews for specific markets and sectors and provide tailored remuneration solutions.

Strategic Leadership Alignment and Assessment

Be it because of a major change in the executive team, a change of ownership, a corporate reorganization, pre-acquisition due diligence or post-merger integration, fundamental changes in the corporate structure often necessitate a re-alignment of leadership competencies. This is why we have developed our strategic leadership alignment offering that is tailored to address the specific situation of each individual client. Our assessment process, developed and refined over more than twenty years in executive coaching and executive recruitment, follows a proven methodology. Our independence from larger consulting firms and short-term financial considerations allow us to provide candid and unbiased feedback to executives and clients at all times, thus creating a maximum of objectivity and transparency.

Executive Stewardship and Coaching

A person to bounce an idea off, a sounding board, a guide who can provide a perspective and insights free of bias and pressure is clearly one. But with Executive Stewardship comes the careful and responsible support of the individuals who have placed their trust in our care. Ours is a tailor-made approach to the sustained success of your career but also of all that make you a unique person, reconciling the professional life you lead with your own set of life beliefs, values and goals.